Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Life Update: Back to Blogging!!

Hello everyone!!! Its been long, very long... since I posted last. A year has already passed and there were many things going on in my life which were a little difficult to get sunk in. 

I wrapped up 2017 announcing my Marriage and my Honeymoon itinerary during September and how I ended 2017 by visiting Andaman with my cousins and had a hell of fun ending to the year. 

There were many things which needed my immediate attention as I was working in Mumbai and my Husband was in Chennai. Our Love life was a Long Distance Relationship, but I was pretty sure that we should be staying together after marriage because trust me, Long Distance Relationship sucks to the core!!! 

So, I am a Banker by profession and we usually get transfer every 3 years or so. I couldn't wait any longer and was behind my HR and my other bosses for an immediate transfer to Chennai. I was so busy behind it that I almost didn't have time for anything else in my mind. 

Finally after shifting to Chennai in 2018, adjusting with my new family, new colleagues etc.. had taken half of the year. The second half of 2018, we got to know that we were pregnant and the rest is self-explanatory. 

At present, April 20th 2019, our little baby girl came into our lives to turn it upside down in a good way. Yes, though I am a mom for a week old baby, I decided to start blogging and take you all through my journey of motherhood. Also, I will be posting product reviews and other lifestyle topics which may be of your interest.

So, I really hope my third attempt to start blogging again will be a grant success this time. Hang around for new interesting content.