Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wrapping up 2017!

A very Happy New Year guys...!

2017 did not slow me down like the previous year. It was a smooth roller coaster ride for me. How was 2017 for you? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Whether or not 2017 was good for you, a trip down the memory lane is always fun. You will learn from the mistakes and cherish the good memories. The good and the bad will help you welcome 2018 on a good note. 

As I said, 2017 was a fun and an eventful ride. If you give me a choice to change anything that happened during this year, there is not one thing I would change. Though it all happened during the end of the year, I am thankful to God for whatever I could do this year.

September 3rd 2017 - My Marriage - Well, my wedding was everything I ever could have asked for. It is so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Because it was a love marriage, there were many problems, but the beauty of love is that if you picked the right person and you both are strong enough, you will always find a way to get through it. 

September 6th, 2017 - Honeymoon - We had an adventurous trip. I would never call it a Honeymoon. We went to Leh Ladhak. You cannot visit Ladhak just once. It will pull you like a magnet. The Landscapes, The people, The monasteries, The lakes, The water sports...everything will pull you again. We went for Rafting which was one hell of an experience. Our rafting boat went upside down, and I almost got drowned. The full footage will be available in my Instagram Page. You can check it out. The links are on the right side of this page.

September 15th 2017 - My First Ink - Since 2011, I have been wanting to do my first ever ink. My parents were obviously against the idea of Tattoos. I understand for few people Tattooing is against their culture. But, I have few reasons on why I love tattoos which I shall explain later. Now I have two tattoos on both of my wrists. (drum roll)

December 6th, 2017 - Trip to Andaman - I am a decent traveller. And I am always up for any adventurous sport. After experiencing Rafting and Paragliding, I was waiting to do Scuba Diving. And the only place I could think about for it was Andaman. Under the sea, it is a totally new world but yet a beautiful one. Finding Nemos was an easy task unlike the movie. My first dive, 7 mtr depth. I tried hard not to panic. The weather was really bad. The authorities had given alert for cyclone. This was an awesome way to end the year. I would urge each and everyone to try Scuba at least once in your lifetime. 

I thank each and everyone for the support, for happy as well as sad moments this year. Happy New year every one. I hope 2018 is the best year it can be for you. See you on the other side. Chao.