Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vacation ~ Dubai!

Hola population!!!

If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you might know that I have been to Dubai with my family for a small vacation! I was so damn tired with my routine life, and decided to go for a break from work!

So, it was Thrissur - Kochi - Mumbai (Home) - Dubai - Srilanka (Layover) - Kochi and finally back to the nest.

Dubai was so effin hot. I almost become a tandoor. Dubai is not colorful, but it's a beauty! Who can not fall in love with it?

I really enjoyed being there and was really amazed at the Arab beauty and the infrastructure projects and everything else!

You must visit Dubai in your lifetime!!! I thought of sharing some moments I clicked with you all so that you guys can enjoy as much as I did being there! (You cannot even compare, but it's ok, just saying! #okbye )

Let's start with the #OOTD, shall we?

What I Wore!

So that was it! Fore more photos and videos, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Like my Facebook page for more updates.

Stay Happy. Think Happy.


  1. Great post Bhumi :) It brought back memories of my dubai trip! i hated dubai becoz of the horrid weather...i visited in the month of May ..about 5 years ago...but yes awesome buildings and safari :) i loved ur OOTDs :D Congrats on ur website and welcome backkkkkk to blogging world:)

  2. 'the more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you'
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague

    Jesus, have mercy on our souls.