Sunday, October 5, 2014

25 Things to do when bored....!

Hola Ladies and Ladaas...!

They say...The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. True that? Don't we all get bored very easily....universal truth!!

I am here with some cool things you can do at home when you are bored.

Read on....

  1. Do something creative. Write, Paint or draw, Make Music, Choreograph a song, Make movies like short many things are out there!
  2. Search for some DIYs online and recreate. It's so me!
  3. Start cooking. There are lot of blogs which provide you easy recipes. Invade the kitchen people.
  4. Groom yourself! Ladies, you can kill your time doing it anyway. And you Ladaas, get up and look smart.
  5. Watch a movie. No comments.
  6. Clean your room. Don't kill me...I know it is not so attracting...but hey it's better than getting scolded by your parents.
  7. Exercise. Be fit.
  8. Read read read a lot. Like you are reading right now.
  9. Create a blog. Most amazing thing ever.
  10. Click selfies. Create your own portfolio. 
  11. Plan a garden. A small kitchen garden, may be?
  12. Watch TV Series. Again, no comments.
  13. Plan your finance. It's too good to start too early.
  14. Wash your clothes. Trust me, it's a stress buster too.
  15. Try writing your own book. Your life story, may be?
  16. Make a list. It could be anything - a list of things you want to do, you want to buy or whatever.
  17. Play with your pet...if you have one!
  18. Try learning a new language. Create a new one?
  19. Make a collage with your photos since childhood. It's a great stress reliever too.
  20. Video Chat with your friends or relatives.
  21. This one is interesting. Take a picture every hour. Document your hourly struggle towards boredom. Share it on Instagram or Facebook.
  22. Go online shopping. You will kill a lot of time.
  23. Solve puzzles. Sudoku? 
  24. Improve your Vocabulary....Very Important.
  25. Start a YouTube Channel?
Yawn, It was a long day today. I do not get bored when I come to my home (Mumbai). I have loads of things to do anyway! Tomorrow I will be back to my base (Bangalore). I do not want to, but I have to.

Think Happy and Stay Happy! Ciao!


  1. Bangalore & Mumbai..both places its difficult to get bored I guess :)
    For a blogger with power of internet...way difficult.

    Ok about the list

    I like reasimg, writing and ya making a list :)

    When in school...I didnt believe in DIYs...i used to invent something new..atleast would try to :D

    Online shopping...killing tim ok..but....u know...the green paper thingy

    Keep writing :)

  2. Only thing couch potatoes like me would love is "Watch a movie" :-))