Monday, October 21, 2013


Hey guys, I hope you all are doing great! 

I am very busy these day and I don't get enough time for my blog. But, I try and keep some time separately for my blogging world! :) :) 

Last week was really terrible for me. I am giving so many exams and I am literally tired of studying! Studying is something I really hate. Not only that, many things are going on and I am going through a low phase in my life. 

So, to overcome my sadness, I decided to read some inspirational quotes every day so that I am encouraged to face new problems. Hence,  I started 'Quote a day' series few days back in this blog. I guess, it helps most of you people too.

Okay, coming to the announcement. I have moved the 'Quote a day' series to another blog of mine officially! Yes, now I maintain two blogs! :) :)

Check it out ----> 
Do let me know if the 'Quote a day' series helping you in any way, in the comments session below. Do follow both my blogs and my official facebook page