Thursday, September 19, 2013


Oh yes, now I have a Facebook page for my blog!

It's been almost a 1 month, 20 days and 21 posts (yea, I love to count), And I thought of starting a Facebook page for my blog. I started my page about 3 weeks back. It's really a cool idea to start a fan page on Facebook. 

Now, many of you may ask me 'Why the heck should I like your page?'! Well, so dude, wait, listen up!
  1.  To know more about what is happening in my blog Hey Wait, Listen and to get live updates. Well, this is obvious, isn't?
  2. My blog is not about a particular topic. So, I share interesting photos, recipes, quotes and of course videos randomly searched on the internet. Sounds Interesting? 
  3. If you want to promote your blog or your Facebook page for free, you can just drop me a message on my Facebook page. There's only one condition, you will have to like my page first! Deal?
  4. I may host a free giveaways or hold a contest any time. You can participate buddy! How awesome it is!
  5. You should like my page because we are friends, we should help each other na? :P 
Well guys, here is the link for my Facebook Fan page. Like and Share it. Yeah, do it. ----->  Hey Wait, Listen! - Facebook Fan Page!

And yeah, you can leave your FB page link in the comments session, down here. So that I can like your page. :) One love. Peace. 


  1. Liked Your Page.. :)

  2. Lol nice promotion:) Thank god, i knew you before all this fame happened :D well gud luck bhumi :)

    1. Hey Mr.Anonymous,

      Thanks a lot. But you know me? I don't know anyone names 'anonymous' though! Do you have any other names? :P :P