Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My blog is 1 month, 12 days and 19 posts old (now 20) and now it has been ranked 70 out of 100 (70/100) by Indiblogger for this month! :D :D
I always wanted to start a blog and I used to search the Internet every other day to know more about blogging and stuffs related to it. One fine day, I came across this website called Indiblogger, a community for the Indian Bloggers. Once your blog is approved by the team, you can submit your blogs, read others blogs, add other blogger to your network, attend Indiblogger meets which happens in your city, participate in contests, and more. Sounds Interesting, ain't it?
I was in my last year of graduation and I never had enough time to start a blog, edit it, customize it and all that. College was really hectic. So, after graduation, I finally gave a serious thought about blogging. But, What should I blog about? I just can't stick to some DIYs, reviews or cooking, I wanted more. So, I decided to write about anything and everything which comes to my mind.

I seriously was eagerly waiting to update my first blog and also to register my blog in Indiblogger. I quickly named my blog Hey Wait, Listen! , updated my first blog on July 30th, 2013. On that very day itself, I registered my blog in Indiblogger. They claimed that they would approve the blog after verifying it within a week or so. But, with all the new blogs that get submitted for approval, it must be a tough job for the moderators to verify through all the blogs within the short span.

It took 13 days for my blog to get approved. Lol, yes, I badly wanted to be a member of Indiblogger and I was checking my inbox every 3 to 4 hours for the mail from them. I know, it's weird!

I was so excited about being a part of a huge blogging community in India, Indiblogger! I submitted all my posts in IndiVine and I started receiving likes for the same! Other bloggers added me to their network, I was so glad!

They have a completely different way to rank blogs in IndiBlogger Network and give a score to every blog on a scale of 100. This rank is popularly known as IndiRank . Every month they update their ranks for all blogs in their network. And, this time, for the August month, my blog is ranked 70 (The higher, it's better)! :) For a brand new blog like mine, 70 out of 100 is not a bad rank at all (Patting myself on my shoulder)! :P

I thank you, yes you, and yeah you too, from my deep lovely heart for your regular visits, comments and likes. Every single like and comment, makes me really happy. Thank you for making me feel that I can write.

How can I forget IndiBlogger? Thank you for motivating me and also for giving my blog a rank! :D You can see the rank widget from Indiblogger on the right side of the blog! :)