Monday, August 19, 2013


It was 11:15 pm. She was returning home after work. The road was really dark. She was walking alone. She felt someone was following her. She looked behind. But, she could not see anyone. She started walking faster because she was getting late. Her old, sick mom was waiting for her. She promised her mom that she shall be back home early that day. 

She walked and walked. It was getting darker and darker. She heard some voices behind. She suddenly turned to check who was it. She could only see the shadows of some people who were hiding. She got scared. She knew, she had made a wrong decision. She should have left home after work early. But, she cannot do anything right now! She was helpless! 

She started walking even faster. She heard giggling and whispers from behind. She was scared. She checked the mobile to make some calls. But, there was no charge in her mobile, and it was switched off. There was no other way she could call someone for help. 

She could hear the whispers very close this time. She looked back and saw four men following her. She was afraid to look back again. Suddenly, she felt hand's on her back, on her hips, on her mouth, on her legs and thighs! She was screaming out loud, but no voice could come out of her sealed mouth. 

She tries to push them off , but in vain. She was fighting and struggling. She could not win! She gave up! She became weak. She thought of her mother who was waiting for her to come back. She thought of happy moments with her mother. She thought about how her mom would bake her favorite chocolate cake just to make her smile. 

She could not see anything, could not hear anything, anymore. Her heart was sinking and she was loosing her breath. She knew it was the end. She shed a drop of tear. 

And, She smiled and said, 
"I'll rest in peace mama!''

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