Friday, August 2, 2013


We all play games! Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networking sites on the web has millions of users! This site has completely changed the way people communicate. You have many options like uploading the videos, sharing it with your friends, join groups, send personal messages and also very importantly, play games! 

Ah! Games! Yea, I am a huge fan for all those games on Facebook.
And, this post is all about the top three games I love to play on Facebook! One of the reasons that make Facebook such a blast today is due to it's addictive mini games. What can be more fun than having free games and in the same time connected with other people?

Therefore, here’s a list of the games you should try out if you’re free, online and bored. Trust me, its so addictive!


Developer: Pretty Simple

This game will make you feel like a detective. Detective-themed games fans will get hooked to this game instantly. Each case consists of several tasks or missions, but the crime scenes surely stand out on top of the rest. On each scene you are presented with a list of objects to find, some of them will become clues to solve the case, but you need to find all the items as quickly as possible to obtain the most precious resource in the game, Stars. You can replay the crime scene until you gain all the stars from it. You also unlock bonus scenes by playing them.



Candy Crush Saga is a fun, colorful, and addictive free game. Candy Crush Saga is a variation on games like Bejeweled  where you have to match three like pieces to make them disappear and move forward. There are five different types of levels; Moves, which limits the number of moves you have to complete a puzzle, Jelly, which encases pieces in jelly that you have to chip away, Ingredients, where special pieces are needed to score points, Time Limited, which is obvious, and Candy Order, where players must collect a specific number of candies using a set number of moves.


Developer: Wooga

Diamond Dash is a match-3 game. A screen is presented to you which  contain  different colored blocks. Here, your task is to clear away groups of three or more same colored block. You can clear it simply by clicking on them. Cleared blocks will vanish and the new blocks will appear. The goal of Diamond Dash Game is to simply clear colored blocks as highest as possible. Your score will increase by clearing colored blocks. Your play sessions contain one minute. So you have to clear colored blocks within just 60 seconds. This game is really addictive! 

There are so many games on Facebook other than the three games I mentioned above! Getting bored? Log on to Facebook and try these games! You all will surely love it! 

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