Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meet my new friend - Fen.

Helloo Everyone!! 

How's the New Year treating you? For me, it's been busy since I shifted to Mumbai and started working. I have to work on Saturdays too. I have not got my me-time yet! That's a little hectic, isn't it?

Well, let's put all that aside. I am here to introduce my new friend, Mr.Fen. The most handsome and healthy friend I have ever got. 


Okay. Don't break your head. It's my new plant. If you had read my last post, My New Year Resolutions, you would have known that it's one my resolutions to Grow a plant. Well, if you haven't read my post yet. Go running and read it. And do let me know, what's you resolutions this year in the comments section below!!! I'm waiting to read it!

Now, let me tell you about my friend. I am growing a Fenugreek plant which is a herb that is produced in India largely. It's seeds and leaves are primarily used in Culinary spice, and are used widely to treat a variety of health problems too. 

It contains protein, vitamin C and potassium. Didn't I say he is healthy? It has a lot other health benefits which I am not gonna talk about because he said not to. He is a little shy, don't mind...okay? :)

Look at him...isn't he adorable? Fen is gonna be my sweetheart this year. Now it's your turn. Find your own special friend. Happy Planting!!! :)

Stay Happy. Think Happy.



  1. Congrats on keeping your new year resolutions!
    And yes your new friend is Adorable!
    Keep Blogging :)

  2. Your new friend is super cute Bhumi!
    Kudos for sticking to your new year resolutions!

  3. Oh, I think my earlier comment got lost...
    If yes, happy planting/gardening! I have home-grown tomatoes in my balcony! Will share pics one day

  4. Mr Fen looks feels great to grow plants at home... :-)