Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wayanad Trip....!

Hello Ladies and Ladaas....Hope you are all fine.

I went to Wayanad during Diwali and trust me, it was an hell of a place. Today I will be telling about the place we stayed, the price, places we visited and lot more. Stay tuned.

We were like five girls, so we did not book a cab. We booked bus tickets which is very cheap and also comfortable and safe for women. To and Fro the bus tickets costed Rs.1090 per person. I think it is really affordable.

We stayed in Kalpetta, which is the market are of Wayanad. We stayed in Chandragiri Restaurant, We booked a Deluxe 4 Bed room. It was more than sufficient for 5 people. It costed us Rs.4725 including taxes for 5 people for 3 days.

Our trip was for 3 days and 2 nights. The weather was just perfect and with friends around any place is heaven.

Day 1

First we went to Banasura Sagar Dam. It was a lovely place to walk and chill out with friends. If you are a photographer or a person who loves nature, it's a must go. There were swings hanged, so we had a gala time over there.

Then we headed to Meenmutty Water falls which is near to Banasurasagar dam. It was raining very badly and it was slippery. So we avoided going up near the waterfall. It's amazing view and it's fun if you really love adventure and trekking.

Then we went to Pookottu Lake. It is a fresh water lake amid evergreen forests and mountains. This
is one of the most popular tourist spot in Wayand. They have boating facilities, handicrafts, spices emporium and fresh water aquarium. It was again raining cats and dogs, so we could only go for boating and we bought some vegetable seeds and stuffs like that.

It was very dark by 6.00pm and it was raining too. So we decided to go back to room and on the way we visited another tourist place, Chain tree. This tree is located in Vythri. There is an interesting story behind this Tree.

Day 2

The first place for the day was Karapuzha Dam. The Dam is not functioning now, but it's an awesome place for photographers. Such a picturesque place.The day was pretty hot. So we couldn't really bear the sun. We only spent like 45 minutes here. 

Then we stopped by Edakkal Caves with full energy. We had to walk up a lot and had lot of steps to reach the top. By the time we reached, we were all tired and exhausted. It's better you gear up yourself with lot of energy boosters. :P When you go up, you can almost see the beautiful Wayand. Photography was not allowed, so we couldn't take many photos. There are many small shops on the way up, so if you get tired or hungry you can stop by. After coming down, we did a small shopping. Another great thing is, there is Elephant Safari there. So you can catch up that too.

The final destination for the day was the best one. It was like a cherry on the top of a cake, Soochipara Waterfalls. Its a three tier waterfall. On the way, you can see many tea plantation estates. Such an awesome view, it is. I was raining and we couldn't jump into the water. But the force of the waterfall itself will make you drenched in water.

That's it for Day 2. We all were tired and went back to room. We played UNO and it was a perfect girl's night out.

Day 3, we got up very late and went out for shopping. You can buy Tapioca Chips, Jackfruit Chips and Banana Chips as it's very famous there. You can also buy tea powder and vegetables seeds from Wayanad. And yeah, do nor forget to eat that authentic Kerala food.

It was a budget trip. If you want anymore details about the Cab and the restaurant, please free to contact me at

That's all for now. See you soon.

Stay happy. Think Happy. Ciao.


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