Sunday, October 19, 2014

A day in my life...!

Hola people!

Weekends are always relaxing, fun or sometimes it not?

I stay in a hostel, so most of the weekends I try to go out and have good food. That is especially on Saturday. On Sundays, I just fool around, wash my clothes, finish my pending work and all those things.

Yesterday (Saturday) was no different. I usually wake up very late on weekends. I got up by 10.00 am and we decided to go out for lunch. I am a big foodie. I go bonkers when it comes to Mexican and Italian.

We decided to go to California Burrito, a Mexican Restaurant. If you want to eat Mexican which is reasonably priced, take off your rocket and come here. The food is good and cost is amazing (lol).

I ordered my base as Nachos with Spicy Paneer Fillings. For the toppings, I added Spicy Black beans, Fajita veg, Hot Salsa, Corn Salsa, Guacamole, Lettuce and Sour Cream (I am drooling already!). This is more than enough for two people. But I finished this one. :P It costed me around 230 bucks because I asked for extra paneer.

My friends ordered Burritos, Tacos and Rice Bowl. I tasted everything and it was really good. A great deal and a meal.

Then we went to Corner House and I ordered for Hot Chocolate Fudge mini. The best of Corner house ice creams. The mini is for 70 bucks. Later I asked for extra hot chocolate. It is just amazing. It will cost another 30 bucks for extras.

Then we went to Health and Glow. I love trying out new products (not makeup) for hair and skin. I was just looking at the new products which I can buy, but my roommate did not allow me to buy. I won't blame here. I had already bought for around 3k bucks during The Big Billion Day from Flipkart.

I bought this Magic Pops from there. It is my long lost love. It is so much fun to eat it. Don't you all agree with me? If you haven't tried this one in your life time....I am kicking your ass now...go try it out before you die. :P

We came back to hostel and watched 'What you expect when you're expecting' and 'It's complicated.

What you expect when you're expecting is a  a very nice American comedy flick featuring Jennifer Lopez. She is a hell of a lady man!!
It's complicated is such an awesome movie featuring Meryl Streep.

Ah, that was an awesome day of food love. Hahaha. That's what I call a perfect Saturday.

How do you spend your weekends? Share it in the comments below and do show a snippet of a day in your life.

Stay Happy. Think happy. Ciao!

P.S: 'We' here means I and my friends. :P :P


  1. Hola jayalakshmi ,
    First time here .You have a wonderful blog dear ,Nice writeup too .

    1. Hey Sathya, thank you for stopping by. Your comments means a lot... :) :)