Monday, September 2, 2013


Rah-rah ! I got my driver's license the day before yesterday and I am so very happy!

I was eagerly waiting for this day to come! Since when I turned 18 years old, I have been forcing my parents to help me get with my license done! But they  were scared (God knows why?!) and did not allow me to apply for my license.
You know what? I love to drive a two-wheeler and just go zip zap and zoop. I always used to get that jealous feeling when I saw other people driving!

And at last, when I turned 20 years old, I somehow managed to convince my parents for my license. My dad took admission for me in a driving school for both four-wheeler and two-wheeler (with gear) !

I already knew how to drive the two-wheeler and I quickly learned to drive a car in within 20 days! I cleared my license test in the first attempt (I don't even want to call it a 'test'!).

In my driving school, some douche-bag told me that I would get my permanent license within one week! I was super excited hearing that!

I was waiting very eagerly, so damn eagerly, for my license to reach me. Three weeks were already over! I was so pissed off with the guy from my driving school and I called and just blasted at him!

Finally, I got my license almost after one month! Yay! It was a very long wait!

But, now that I have got my license...yo baby...Aaah...I'm so bloody excited!



  1. Hahaha..Good Luck with your Driving..BE sure to be Safe and always use Helmets while on Two Wheeler..

  2. 8 poda theriuma :P enga oru 7 1/2 podu papom :D gud luck :))

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    Film dialogue, huh? Thanks, anyway! :)

  4. Congrats. It's great that you finally got yor license.

  5. I know I'm posting this very late... and that U might be zip zap zooing on the two wheeler right now...
    But congrats anyways... :D