Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Getting avoided by people, getting abused at and also getting teased at by everyone, all the time, is not a fun thing at all! If you are being told that you look ugly, fat and is useless every single time, you eventually start believing it, won't you?

For Rebecca, being bullied, yelled at and tagged as ugly, fat and useless was a daily routine.

Everyone at school teased her, avoided her and also abused her just because she was completely different from others. She always wore baggy clothes with long sleeves to cover scars on her wrists. She was not bothered about her looks and she was not a girl who liked fancy things. She was killed every time with words! 

She goes to school and comes back home. There was no one she could talk with or share things with. There was no one who was ready to listen to her! She was always avoided by everyone and was tagged as ''weird''!

At home, it was even worse! She was not at all happy and was left alone. Her parents always fought and wouldn't care about her at all! Her life was complete dark. She missed her granny who loved her like her own daughter. But, she died long back! There was no one who loved her. She was depressed. She started hurting herself by cutting her wrists.Only thing left was the scars!

Only thought when she goes to sleep every single day was about how she can make it through another day of hell the next day!

She hides when there was break at school on the roof of her school so that no one finds her. The thought of people abusing, bullying haunts her to death!

While sitting on the roof top, she heard someone's footsteps. But, she did not turn around at all. She was scared and she thought it was someone who is coming to torture her. She just stayed there and did not move at all. She never ran away when people bullied her because she knew that they would come behind chasing her and punish her more.

She could feel someone standing behind her. She could see the shadow. She was really scared. The person stood facing her and gave a piece of paper. She was confused. She was staring at it for a minute. She took the paper to check what was in it.
Reading it, she was shocked and stunned. It read:
Smile, you're beautiful!

Jordan, a new student, saw this girl rushing towards the roof of the school. This girl had captured his interest. She looked so empty and dull. He could see the sadness and loneliness overflowing in her eyes. He wanted to make her smile for no reason. He thought she was very beautiful and he knew that the girl has a pure and loving heart.

He decided to write a message on a paper, went up the roof and gave it to her!

When she read it, she was shocked and confused at the same time. Rebecca thought the guy was mocking her. She stared at him blankly.

Jordan, looking at her, said,

When you are feeling down or sad, you can take it out and read it again and again untill you smile. I wanted you to know that you are beautiful.
Rebecca felt light and very happy. A small smile slipped onto her face. She smiled at him. In fact, she was smiling after god knows when! The last person who called her beautiful was her granny.
After that, Rebecca never was unhappy or alone. She was always with Jordan hanging out together for a lunch, movies or they would just sit at home and play video games! No one dared to come near her. Why? She was not alone anymore. She was having the time of her life with Jordan.

She got this strong feeling, a feeling of HOPE. 
HOPE, that not everyone is cruel. HOPE, for a new beginning and HOPE, for a better future.

Jordan was also very happy. He loved her for what she is. He gave strength to overcome everything which came by. He wanted to be with her always and would do everything for her, to make her happy. He made her feel special. He made her feel that she was not alone.

Rebecca never felt depressed after Jordan came into her life. He was more than a friend for her. She was very happy after that.

Small gestures can change a person's life. If you ever feel depressed or lonely, just remember......
Smile, You're beautiful! 


  1. This is so nice. Enjoyed the story :)

    1. Hey Sayantini,

      I am glad that you liked the story! Thank you so much! :)

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  2. Very nice. Hate bullies. Linda Fazio

    1. Hey Linda,

      Thanks a lot! :)
      And yeah, I agree!


  3. An act of random kindness...
    Loved the story... Simple and sweet...