Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Beliefs and superstitions are passed on from generation to generation. Though the Indian society is fast progressing, there are many people who are still superstitious and have a strong faith in them. 

I've never really considered myself a very superstitious person. But, my parents and my grandmother believe them strictly! My bad!

There are many superstitions in India which are followed by many people. But why do people still follow them? It is an interesting question. With the modernization of the country, many of the superstitions have already lost their hold on the minds of the people. But many of them are so deeply rooted that nothing can weaken their hold. 

Sometimes, these superstitions really pisses me off! Let's see some of the famous superstitions!


Me: Mom, I am going to meet my friend. Okay?
Mom: Ok. Bye.

A black cat crosses the road.

Mom: Bhumi, wait! Don't go anywhere. Come back! 

Me: But, why? You just agreed!

Mom: I said don't go. A black cat crossing your path is a bad omen.

Me: Whaat?! (Face-palm)

Seriously? They are so cute!


Mom: I guess, we will have guests at home today!

Me: How do you say that?

Mom: Look at that crow! 

Grand mom: If you notice a crow cawing near your house you are likely to get visitors to your house.
Me: Are you guys serious? :O

And no one visited our house that day! Not even a beggar! Duh!


Me: Mom, my right eye is twitching.
Mom: Oh, wow! It means something good will happen to you today. Wait and watch! 
Me: (Confused) Huh! Umm, okay! But, for now, please get my eye drops!

And you know what happened that day? I lost my bloody phone! 

TYPE 4  

Me: Mom, I am going out for my friend's birthday party. I will be back by 10! 
Aaaa shewwwww (sneeze)!
Mom: No! Come and sit here! You are not going anywhere! 
Me: But why? I'm getting late!
Mom: It is bad luck if you sneeze right before you leave. You have to sneeze one more time and then you can leave.

I was waiting there for my next sneeze to come! And finally, I was late! 

I wonder why people have strong belief in all this! It seriously makes your life miserable sometimes! I would rather call them                 'Stupid-stitions' instead of Superstitions! 


  1. good one. when I was a kid and didn't know what eye twitching was, I used to think it meant winking.

    1. Hey Kiran,

      Thank you! Haha, even i used to think it was like winking! :P

      Do join this site with google friend connect for more updates! :) I would be very grateful and happy to do the same for you if you don't mind.


  2. awesome blog,nicely put,n yes these superstition had made our lives miserable till date,but what we could do it had been poured into us by our ancestors...

  3. Haha this is really good! :D There's a famous one: If I was thinking about someone and they happened to come in front of me at that instant, then that person is bound to live a 100 years or more ;)

    1. Oh yeash! How did I forget that one! My bad! :P :P