Saturday, August 24, 2013


"Only when you lose something, do you realize the value of it."
YES! I believe in this big time! There are some people/things/moments you have now and yet, you lose them all  and or might  lose in the near future. But hey, it's not under your control! That's life!

For me, there are 10  things which bring back hazy nostalgia, the things that I loved and always will!
  1. My grandpa (I miss him) and the days we used to sit together and watch our favorite cartoon Popeye - The Sailor Man.

  2. January 26, 2012! :)

  3. The vacations I have spent with all my cousins in Chennai. We all used to meet during the summer vacations. But now, all are grown up and busy with their lives and family. Some are settled abroad too!

  4. Bunking the classes in school and going to dance practices. (Bliss!)

  5. Standing in the staff-room with my dad almost every month. Reason? I was such a brat!

  6. Shooting random crazy videos with my best friend! Our latest hit was a dance video for the famous 'Why this kolaveri di'. :D

  7. That awesome feeling when I got my first Android phone! :D

  8. My cycle! (Lady Bird)

  9. Authentic Kerala food! (Kappa, Pazham porichathu, Kozhalappam....Yummy Yumm!)

  10. That moment when I met my Childhood best friend, Keerthy, after almost a decade through Facebook! That moment was just epic! <3
It's kind of sad when we realize these things/moments/persons won't come back, but it does give a light hearted feeling when we later think/talk about it!


  1. It was sooo epic!! ^^ That day, and the next, well even now, I can't stop smiling and jumping around!!! :D
    Wow! If am making a list, 8/10 things that you've mentioned would be in mine!! :P

    1. Yes Keerthy! :D :D
      Oh, awesomeness! Go on...put your own 'Things you miss' list! :)

  2. Memories are there to cherish forever and they bring up a silent smile in our face.. :-)
    NOstalgic Moment they are we live behind..