Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Most of us have someone or some people in our past lives we would like to find again after many years. And, I must say, networking sites make it really easy for you! 

Ah! This post is dedicated to my old best friend whom I met after more than 10 years. Yes! You read it right! 

When your time is bad and so the life around, such incidents cheer you up and give a meaning to your life! Old friends bring old memories and also give us back our trustworthy childhood.

Meeting an old friend is like re-living all those happy moments again and talking to an old friend make you realize how much your life has changed.

But wait! Did I tell you how we met? You people would have guessed it! Yes, we connected through Facebook

These networking sites have become a part of our life. They amaze you sometimes.

Her name is Keerthy and we were (still are) best friends in 4th standard. After two years, my dad got transferred and we had to move there. So we lost touch. Almost after 10 years, from SlideShare to Twitter to Facebook, we at last met each other! 

Though time has separated us and changed us,  our friendship is still the same. We got connected instantly not only through a click of a button, but also through the heart as if there was no time gap at all. 

I'm still wondering how all this happened! All this really gave me a good surprise. But the fact is that it happened and I believe everything is for good. I love you and missed you Keerthy! :)

So folks, there are people we meet in life that make everything seem magical. Find and cherish them.

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  1. Thank you :) It.was.magic!!! Instead of the famous 'vanishing act', you appeared out of nowhere. After sending that tweet, I used to log in everyday to see if that profile was really your's.:P And then, nearly 20 days later, just like that, saw your friend request in fb. :) Its so great, what tomorrow brings for all of us. #optimist. Missed you a lot when you got transfer and moved away from Cochin. Am so lucky to find you again and like you said 'childhood friends are best friends forever' :) :) Yes, we owe a lot to networking sites!